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Sunday 16 September 2018 – Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost 

Welcome to our worship today which is the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost and we are using the Parish Worship Book for our Sunday worship. The Guide to worship will assist with page numbers and the Bible readings. Sunday school meets in the Undercroft after the Collect of the day and then will be in recess from next Sunday and will resume on Sunday 14 October.

The Rev’d Sue Wilton will be Commissioned on 24 October 2018 as Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Indooroopilly.

Members of Parish Council will meet meeting next Tuesday 18 September at 7.45pm.

Addressing the clergy:  St Andrew’s Indooroopilly has for some time adopted the practice of addressing its clergy informally as “Father”.  It is a term of affection and respect.  However, with the appointment of a female Parish Priest such an address of affection and endearment becomes inappropriate.  Its continued use for some and not for others then is discriminatory.  The Reverend Dr Mervyn Thomas, The Reverend Dr Howard Munro and myself The Reverend Owen Strong feel that the simplest way forward is for our formal mode of address to be as stated here but that for most informal situations that we be addressed by our Christian names; Mervyn, Howard and Owen.  The Reverend Sue Wilton our incoming Parish Priest is happy to be known as Sue.  This might take some time for us to become familiar with but we have until the 24 October to practice.

Rectory Maintenance:  Parish Council met informally in the rectory on Tuesday to prepare a schedule of works required to prepare the rectory for our new parish priest.  Several items were noted as requiring attention.  These include some electrical work and a kitchen upgrade.  It is hoped that this work can get underway shortly.

Combined Pre Synod Deanery meeting:  St Andrew’s will host the combined deanery pre-synod meeting on Saturday 29 September.  The meeting begins with a Eucharist at 7.30am followed by breakfast at 8.00am and a meeting from 8.30am – 9.30am.

Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century Conference – I am attempting to share some of the things John Roberto had to say at this conference.  He suggests that we can utilise intergenerational events such as community events and worship and infuse intergenerational experiences into existing ministries and programs.  He also suggests that faith communities might plan for experiences that bring generations together for learning, celebrating, reading the bible, serving.  He suggests grandparent-grandchildren programming; camps, service/mission projects and field trips. www.lifelongfaith.com/lifelong-faith-formation.html.

card day – Date Claimer – Friday, 26  October – Do you enjoy a game of cards, playing Mah Jong, the challenge of Scrabble?  Make a note of the date and tell your friends –  it will all be happening in the Parish Hall. 

Season of Creation – 2918 Celebration Guide – The ‘Season of Creation’ (also known as Creation Time) runs annually from September 1 through October 4.



Archbishop’s Drought Relief Appeal –Information on ways to donate is available at the back of the church today. 

Name Badges – If you would like to have a name badge – please put your name on the list at the back of St Andrews.  It is also time to update the Parish Roll.  Parish Roll forms are available at the back of the church – please complete and place in the tray provided.

Time to order your Australian Anglican Church Calendar for 2018.  Details are at the back of the church.  Cost $15.00 each.


17 Sep Monday 9.30am Playgroup
18 Sep Tuesday 10.00am Tuesdays in the Undercroft
    7.45pm Parish Council
19 Sep Wednesday 9.30am Healing Eucharist
22 Sep Saturday 6.00pm Vigil Eucharist
23 Sep Sunday 7.00am Holy Eucharist
Pentecost 18 Sunday 9.30am Sung Eucharist


SUNDAY – 23 September 2018   – Pentecost 18


Jeremiah 11: 18-20, Psalm 54, James 3: 1-12, Mark 9:30-37

Hymns:  464, 473, 131, 691


  L.A’S Servers Readers Intercessions SidesPersons
7.00am     M Moore J Hurwood J Hurwood
      N Jenkins    
9.30am G Marsh W Preston-Stewart J Elfick I Mathers L Lyndon
  D Ping   L Smiles   L Haughey
        Intercessions Writer  
        Rev’d Strong  
Morning Tea R Hedge, M Johnstone, S Reid